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Since spotting Procreate in summer 2020, I hardly ever draw on any other medium than on my iPad! Check out my portfolio here.

Procreate changed my way of work completely. I love being able to work from anywhere, whether it’s outside or from my cozy couch.

I’m passionate about all things digital art and love to help people to get started with a creative routine.

At the moment I have three classes released on Skillshare (a learning platform for creatives): one for absolute beginners, one for more experienced and one for all levels. 

With the link below I invite you to try out Skillshare for one month FREE and also watch thousands of other incredible creative courses!

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Design a Christmas-Mandala Wrapping Paper in Procreate

What better way to get into a Christmas mood than by creating something with a festive spirit? 

In this class you’ll learn how to design your very own Christmas Wrapping paper in Procreate on your iPad.


We dive into the world of symmetrical drawing, create a beautiful Mandala design and turn it into a repeating pattern.


Not sure? You can watch the intro to the course here:

illustrate the seasons

Illustrating the Seasons: Mastering Light and Weather Effects in Procreate

Learn to illustrate the light and shadows of the seasons in Procreate on your iPad. Explore with me the nuances of light in spring, summer, autumn and winter and learn how to illustrate a captivating scene with a house in each season. As a bonus, we’ll transfer our illustration into an enchanting night scene.


In this class we are going to create a single illustration and use the magic of Procreate’s blending modes to transform the light, the weather and daytime of your scene. By the end of this course you will have a set of 6 finished artworks (after drawing only one scene!).


Not sure? You can watch the intro to the course here:

Discover your Style in Procreate

Discover Your Style: Easy Exercises in Procreate to Find Your Artistic Voice

Finding your (digital) drawing style is the number one thing every artist is searching for. And the only key to achieve this is by practicing. The more you draw, the easier and quicker you can find your style.


In this class we are going to draw an apple in 12 different styles. Then we dive deeper in the styles you are most drawn to.


Not sure? You can watch the intro to the course here:

new class: symmetrical illustration in Procreate

Symmetrical Illustration Techniques for a Vintage Room

This course is for intermediate Procreate users. I don’t talk about basic functions here in but show you more advanced techniques including:


  • symmetrical drawing
  • creating your own stamps and brushes
  • draw in perspective
  • and many more…

Not sure? You can watch the intro to the course here:

procreate tutorial

The Power of Procreate

This course is for beginners in Procreate and especially for people that say that they can’t draw.


But more experienced artists – who wants to give procreate a try – are also welcome, for sure! Feel free to put more details in your drawings and follow your own personal style!


Not sure? You can watch the intro to the course here:

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