About the Artist

dreams don't work unless you do
Nicole Gabriel
Exciting things are about to happen

Exciting things are about to happen!

My name is Nicole Gabriel and I live in Oberwart which is in the very east of Austria (Europe).

Since earliest childhood I draw, knit, crochet, do handicrafts or even sew. In school I often had a problem of credibility: „I’m sure, your mum made this…“. Anyway I was pushed in a classic, „reasonable“ and certain career in IT Management, well paid but not really happy.

My maternity with my both children pushed me back in true light. I rekindled my artistic passion and began studying digital art online. Today I am a full time pattern designer, illustrator and skillshare teacher and enjoy doing things with love that made me very happy in my childhood.

I am an emotional family-lover and positiv-thinker, I strongly beliefe, that there should always be hope! Take things that happen as they are and try to make the best of it. Good things are not self-evident, sometimes you have to fight, but it‘s worth it. Life is beautiful and there is always hope!

I love the idea of seeing that passions and hope in my designs. Therefore my style is bright and colorful, inspired by my natural garden and of course my two awesome children.

I hope, you like my patterns and illustrations. Please contact me for licensing or any freelance work!


About the Process

My main method is digital drawing on my iPad. Procreate changed my way of work completely. I love being able to work from anywhere, whether it’s outside or from my cozy couch.

If needed, I can of course vectorize the illustration or pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

Bright colors are the key to consistency in my portfolio, the colors hold everything together.

Watch my portfolio here!

drawing on the iPad
watercolor bees
adobe illustrator vectorizing pattern
Drawing on the iPad

About Teaching

I love sharing my passion for Procreate and Color. Whether it’s online or in person, your success is my success

You can check out my online classes and resources here: learn with me 

And if you are in my region (east of Austria), please get in touch. I’d love to tell you more about drawing on the iPad!

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