Discover your style in my new skillshare class

Discover your Style in Procreate

Finding your (digital) drawing style is the number one thing every artist is searching for. And the only key to discover your style is by practicing. The more you draw, the easier and quicker you can find your style.

In this class we are going to draw an apple in 12 different styles. We use the same shape and the same colors in every apple and play around with different brushes, blending modes and opacity. You will be surprised by the variation we get!


I chose to draw a simple apple, so you should be able to follow even if you are new to drawing.


We start with gathering inspiration, then draw all the apples and at the end I’ll demonstrate how you can dive deeper with a specific style.


This class is about digital drawing styles. Therefore you’ll need your favorite drawing program on your favorite device. I use Procreate on my iPad but you should be able to follow along on any program.


This class is not about any app, it’s about drawing! If you need any help to get started with procreate, I invite you to my class The Power of Procreate.

You can watch the intro video here:

So what are you waiting for? Join me in “Discover Your Style: Easy Exercises in Procreate to Find Your Artistic Voice” and let’s create some beautiful artwork together!

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