Learn With Me

Since spotting Procreate in summer 2020, I hardly ever draw on any other medium than on my iPad!


Procreate changed my way of work completely. I love being able to work from anywhere, whether it’s outside or from my cozy couch.


I’m passionate about all things Procreate and love to help people to get started with a creative routine. 


This course is especially for people that say that they can’t draw.


But more experienced artists – who wants to give procreate a try – are also welcome, for sure! Feel free to put more details in your drawings and follow your own personal style!


If you’d like to learn more about this amazing drawing app, please use the link below and grab one month FREE on the skillshare membership and watch thousands of other incredible creative courses!

Not sure? Here you can watch the intro to the course:

Oh, yes, I like it! Bring me to class:

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